Samsung SSD Reference System과 차세대 SSD Form Factor

김범준 | 삼성전자 메모리 사업부

삼성전자 메모리 사업부 Solution개발팀 수석연구원
- Working for Samsung Electronics from 2012 as a SSD Hardware Design Engineer
- Worked for SK teletech from 2000 as a Mobile Phone Hardware Design Engineer

Knowledge Experience (참고)
- An experienced electronic hardware engineer with strong knowledge in ARM-Server, Xeon-Server, OCP Server, JBOF, NVDIMM-P, and NVMe SSDs in recent years.
- Introduced SER(Soft Error Rate) Test Methodology, Evaluated and Analyzed SER on SSDs for the first time in Samsung Electronics
- Have a strong knowledge for PCB Design Rules, Signal Integrity and Power Integrity on Server and SSD
- Have a good knowledge and failure analysis experiences for DDR4 and LP4 on SSDs
- Have a strong knowledge in mobile RF circuit design as well as development and mass production experiences about 16 Celluar Phone products from 2000 to 2012

Samsung SSD Reference System과 차세대 SSD Form Factor

TRACK 1 : Open Compute
05:00 pm - 05:30 pm

3자 협력(Datacenter, ODM, SSD Maker) 기반으로, 차세대 SSD Small Form Factor인 PCIe Gen4의 E1.S가 장착된 삼성 SSD Reference System 'Poseidon'과 SSD Form Factor 관점의 미래 방향 소개를 통해 Industry에서의 SSD Eco확산에 기여하고자 합니다.