Open Source Based EDSFF Reference System


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서버 검증 및 ssd개발 엔지니어입니다.


Dec. 7, 2021

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EDSFF SSDs have been widely adopted in hyper-scale data centers due to superior manageability, serviceability, and power/thermal characteristics. However, the adoption of EDSFF in NVMe-oF is non-trivial. For instance, balancing of CPU resource allocation, memory scheduling, and network bandwidth management are unchallengeable. In this talk we will discuss the challenges and opportunities for adopting EDSFF in NVMe-oF both from hardware and software standpoint. Specifically, we will present two server architectures highly optimized for E1 and E3. In this context, we will present software stack for NVMe-oF solution that enables up to 400GbE performance over TCP network and manages large-scale capacity with low overhead. Finally, we will share the performance measurement methodology for systems equipped with large quantities of EDSFF NVMe SSDs and will share features of test suites which will help explore the potential use cases of NVMe-oF solution.